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Let's Make a Difference 

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"Put Some Skin In The Game"

Take Part in Something Great

Putting My Experience to Work

    I Goldsmith am honored to be an applicant for the 24th Ward Aldermanic seat.

I am a third- generation ward resident with a long, robust history of community involvement

woven into my DNA. I advocate for all people, with a particular emphasis on those who feel they have little or no voice, which defines my career in civil service.

     was born and raised on the west side of Chicago in what's currently known as North Lawndale; (The 24th Ward). With a strong family, I started as a young child observing and was a part of a strong block club. This block club is where I first saw the power of organizing, coordination, and residential cooperation. I learned the values of DISCIPLINE , RESPECT, SWEAT EQUITY, and UNITY.These values were solidified while helping dig out the gymnasium floor of Lawndale Community Church in 1979 where we brought a dream to life, and that gym  is still in use to this day. As a Veteran of the Gulf War and serving in the United States Marine Corps. as an Embassy Guard in Africa and Brazil. 

     I returned home to serve the City of Chicago as a second-generation Firefighter. My family, church life, community involvement, and work experience have shown me how to LISTEN, organize, and lead by stepping in the gap and being a part of effecting positive change in North Lawndale and sacrificing for the sake of others.

       My mission is to bring and promote positive change in the 24th Ward by uniting and protecting our seniors, promoting community investment, encouraging the Ward to work alongside law enforcement to combat our current crime issues, attract business and residential development, Involving our youth in correcting the wrongs that plague our community,  and stabilizing the Ward by continuing to work  on its infrastructure.

Dreams For Our Community


Some pressing issues in the 24th Ward dovetail with each other simultaneously in the same space.

Crime - Gun Violence, Aggravated Battery, Robbery; instills fear and trauma, stagnating positive community involvement; education; and positive growth.

Idea- I will encourage the Ward to take an active role in helping police their blocks.  Something as simple as an initiative focused on preventing neighborhood crime. The residents visual presence deters criminal activity.

Lack of Social and Recreational Programs -  These programs give alternatives to crime and help victims of crimes heal.

Idea: I will help bring more social service programs to the Ward and connect our programs. Encourage corporate reinvestment by building recreational facilities in the ward.

Business /Residential Housing Development - the absence of businesses in the community that pays a livable wage and are unwilling to reinvest in the community stagnates the growth of communities and reinforces a poverty-stricken neighborhood.

Idea:  Advocating and showcasing why the 24th Ward is a profitable venture for all parties, corporate and resident.






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